JEA Nebraska Winter Contest 2018-19


Go to 

to print out the information and registration form for the 2018-19 Nebraska JEA Contest.  If you are curious about past details or want to see results (the winning entries are NOT posted, but names are), visit


The postmark deadline for 2018-19 entries is Dec. 10, 2019.


Please do not hesitate to call (402-571-2618 x1134 or email Marsha Kalkowski at [email protected]) with any questions, especially if you are a new adviser.  If you are a JEA member, there is NO cost to enter this contest.  If you aren’t a JEA member, there is a $1 per entry fee.


This is a mostly a print contest, i.e. you print out entries and mail them.  Some categories can be submitted on CD/flash drive and the broadcast entries are submitted as URLS. But please DO NOT email any photo or graphic entries.  Your  flash drive will be returned with your certificates if you send one with your entries.


If you know you aren’t going to have entries in a particular category and would like to be a volunteer judge, please let Marsha know right away.  Thanks for considering!